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State School YYY-1, Completion of Miami-Dade's first LEED Certified School

Publish date: Friday November 21, 2008

Coltec Engineering is proud to be chosen as the mechanical contractor supporting Betancourt - Castellon Associates in the construction of the first LEED certified school in Miami-Dade County.  State School YYY-1 is a new state of the art high school accommodating over 1800 students in a total of 178,000 square feet.  State School YYY-1 is designed as a sustainable, green building, and is expected to be M-DCPS first school facility to be certified by the US Green Building Council's LEED certification system.  The project's green building elements will be integrated in the instructional curriculum of the school upon opening. Some of the elements of 'green' design include real-time energy displays showing the building’s energy savings when compared to traditional building methods.  The project will cost approximately 2 percent more to build, but significant operations and maintenance cost savings are expected.
Other elements of ‘green’ design include 'intelligent' louvered windows that act as layers of sun shades allowing natural light to enter while simultaneously providing shade.  Motion sensors  manage lighting throughout the building, automatically dimming powered light with the increase of natural daylight. Along with advanced lighting automation, the building will incorporate super-efficient HVAC systems that include the use of passive  Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs).  ERVs improve air quality and cooling efficiency using a method of air-to-air heat exchange that recovers energy from both heat and humidity; as a result the cooling system will require less energy, water and maintenance.  The school is scheduled to open for the 2009-2010 academic year.


Author: Eddy Barreda

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State School YYY-1, Completion of Miami-Dade's first LEED Certified School


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